Everybody wants to increase Facebook likes on their page. Are Facebook likes important? You would think they are – a page with a small amount of likes makes you question why not many people have liked the page? Here are 7 ways to increase Facebook likes on your page.

Change Your Marketing Strategy

On the other hand, your page may be fairly new so you wouldn’t expect it to have hundreds of likes. But if your page has been around for a while and still only has a small amount of likes then you need to change your marketing strategy.

  • Join some Facebook groups and get involved
  • Join other social media sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Create a blog on your website and write useful posts for your customers

Create More Content!

If you rarely post anything on your Facebook page then you’re not giving any of your Facebook followers anything to like or share! Post on a regular basis and mix it up a bit.

Invite Your Friends To Like Your Page

This is an obvious one yet a lot of people don’t invite their Facebook friends to like their page! Go to your page, click on Build Audience > Invite Friends, and start clicking.
invite friends on Facebook

Use Images On Your Posts

Images create an instant impact. They’re colourful, often include memorable quotes, and are frequently shared, whereas it takes time to read text, and text is not shared as often.

Comment On Pages You Like

Find popular pages that relate to your Facebook page: like them, then spend some time every day commenting on them. That will get your brand out there as you will be more visible to the wider Facebook community.

Try A Facebook Advertising Campaign

This actually works though you will need to spend a few dollars. First, do some research into how Facebook advertising works, then watch your likes go up!

Other Ways To Increase Facebook Likes

I’ve heard of people using sites like Boostlikes to grow their social media. Have you tried this, and is it useful?

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