So, the problem is you can’t think of any useful blog post ideas. Your mind has gone blank, the crickets are DEAFENING – you need useful content for your blog readers and social media followers, but the well is dry … the ideas just aren’t coming.

It’s not a good feeling.

Here’s what I do to keep those blog post ideas flowing.

Blog Post Ideas

Help! I Need Some Blog Post Ideas!

  1. Answer A Customer’s Question
    You can write an entire post based on questions you get asked a lot. For example, if you’re a social media marketer, write a post about ‘How to Create a Facebook Page’. Not only does this help your customers, it gets your content out there, indexed at Google, and increases the chances you’ll get new leads (potential customers) to your website by driving traffic to your blog.
  2. Provide a Helpful Tip
    People are constantly searching for information and tips. I’m Googling stuff all the time! Here’s a blog post idea: write a post that your readers will find helpful. For example; if you’re a graphic designer, post about where to download free images
  3. Share a Client Testimonial
    Write a post about how you helped a specific customer, then include their testimonial. This will show potential clients how awesome you are, how you go about achieving customer satisfaction, and then include that all-important testimonial. Client testimonials give us that sense of confidence and we think … “ah – that’s impressive – that client is really happy”.
  4. Write Out a List of Keywords/Keyphrases
    What are the topics that will interest your potential clients? What phrases would they type in to Google that will lead them to your blog? These are the topics you need to blog about. So create a list of these keyphrase that you can refer back to when you’re stuck for ideas. Get your blog post ideas out of your head and into a Word document, for example.
  5. Get Some Blog Post Ideas Ready in Advance
    Once you’ve figured out those keyphrases – the things people are typing in to Google that they want to know about – start drafting your articles so you’ve made a start on them. In WordPress you can write a draft post that only needs to contain your heading, and what you’re going to write about.
  6. Use A Content Calendar
    When you go shopping, do you have a list of what you need to buy? I certainly do create a list (otherwise I forget what it was I needed!) and refer to it – this is what you can do as well. Create a list, or content calendar, that contains all your blog post ideas. CoSchedule is the perfect Content Calendar plugin for WordPress – check it out!

Fact: “The average website conversion for companies with defined content processes is more than twice that of companies without. Why? These companies set clear goals, have a plan, and built the internal infrastructure to stay on track.”

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212 Blog Post Ideas

This quick video will run you through the ULTIMATE list of blog post ideas

How do you come up with blog post ideas? What inspires you to get blogging? Let me know in the comments!
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