You don’t want customers leaving your site after 3 seconds! You’re working hard in your business, and those customers need to know that.

So, the homepage of a website is the most important page of your website. It is the “landing page” and must appeal to your target buyer. And the impact must be immediate — you only have about 3-5 seconds to get their attention! Your homepage is the front door to your business so make sure it does everything it should to encourage customers to step inside. Below are the 6 Essentials You Really Need On Your Homepage.

A Successful Homepage Needs Contact Information

It’s important not to bury contact information in an About Us or Contact Me page as this makes it harder to find. A successful homepage should display your contact information, making it EASY for your target buyer to get in touch with you.

Be Creative, Interesting & Appealing

Be clear about what you are offering. Use visuals and be concise. People don’t have time to wade through a mass of text so get to the point! Have some information in there about why you’re better than anyone else by providing a unique way of delivering, creating, or servicing.

The average user makes up their mind about a website very quickly, so your images need to portray your business accurately and professionally. Spend time selecting images that reflect your brand, whether they are quirky cartoon characters or serious stock photos.

Make Your Navigation Clear

If people can’t find out about a specific service they need because they can’t find it in your navigation they’ll leave your website faster than the blink of an eye. Make sure your navigation is useful and easy to use.

Use Keyphrases On Your Homepage

In order to be found, your business website should consistently feature the keywords that your target buyer will use when they’re searching for your products and/or services. Sprinkle those keywords throughout, but make sure your text actually reads well. Don’t overdo it or it will appear as spam, both to your reader and to search engines.

Have a Newsletter/Free Offer Signup Form

A subscriber list is an extremely valuable thing so if you’re not using your homepage as an opportunity to attract your target buyer, you’re really missing out. Make it easy for people to sign up to your newsletter or special offer and you’ll have a potential revenue stream and another chance to make a conversion (sale) at a later date. Don’t make customers click through to another sign-up page … let them enter their details directly on your homepage and you’re far more likely to see your subscriber list grow.

Don’t Forget To Display Your Social Media Channels

Display links to all your social media pages/profiles. Let customers know about all the ways to communicate with you – it’s a socially-connected world out there. Social media sites like Facebook provide a fantastic way to for you to get your products and/or services out there!

What are your thoughts?

Does your homepage tick all these boxes? Let me know in the comments below.
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